INTERVIEW: Kovacs – Zu Gast auf der Berlin Fashionweek

Heute wollen wir euch die Künstlerin Kovacs vorstellen, sie hat eine unfassbar warme und dunkle Stimme die sie in souligen und jazzigen Songs perfekt einsetzt. Sharon Kovacs kommt aus den Niederlanden und ist hier mittlerweile kein Geheimtipp mehr, vielmehr rockt sie die iTunes-Charts. Gerne wird sie verglichen mit Amy Winehouse oder Portishead, doch wir sind der Meinung sie ist noch besser!

Vergangene Woche war die 24jährige mit ihrer Band zu Gast in Berlin. Sie hatte einen kleinen Auftritt im Rahmen des Berlin Fashion Filmfestivals und trat im charmanten ehemaligen Stummfilmkino Delphi auf. Ihre erste Single My Love, die im September als EP erscheinen wird, findet ihr weiter unten als YouTube Video.

Vor ihrem ersten Auftritt vor deutschem Publikum hatten wir die Gelegenheit sie persönlich kennen zu lernen und ihr ein paar Fragen zu stellen:

Before I ask anything in detail: What’s the most frequently asked question in your interviews, so that I can avoid annoying you with the same question?
Sharon Kovacs: Oh good one (laughs), probably about my headdress. But actually it’s not annoying, the people just want to know that I bought it in a vintage shop in London and that I’m wearing it for almost three years.

I’ve seen on your fanpage that you’ve been to Berlin already, do you like it?
Sharon Kovacs: Yeaah, I love Berlin! Well we did the Video here, but I also went here on vacation a few times. I really like it here, I feel very free, accepted and everyone is very open minded. I like the art, I like the music – it’s very inspiring for me. For me it’s a world city, you can do everything everywhere!

Good answer, we have the same opinion on that! Talking about things you like what is influencing your work and your music?
Sharon Kovacs: I like the old songs, the old divas, the old music. I like Etta James, also Janis Joplin – how they lived, how they put everything in their music. I like to listen to old music, to singers that really have a message, I think that’s inspiring!

The song My Love is very dark and full of emotions, did the idea for that song come out of the blue or was it inspired by certain situations?
Sharon Kovacs: First it were two songs and two totally different vibes. At the beginning the first song was about weed (laughs) and then I changed it. The other one was about love and I said okay let’s put it together. The love in the song focuses the music and the bad things are the things I can’t do, because I have this goal. My love is my music and I have to leave things to reach my goal, so sometimes not to party with my friends because I have to work.

What is it about your accent, have you been to Great Britain or USA for a longer period?
Sharon Kovacs: (laughs) Funny, I travelled a lot but actually, no.

Alright then, let’s start with another question. You attended the Rock City Institute in Eindhoven, how much influenced it your style or your person?
Sharon Kovacs: It was very difficult for me to fit in school and they tried to put me off school two times because they didn’t know how to handle me. So if you ask me what did I learn in school, I guess not much. (laughs) I know what I want and if they say I have to sing the cover like the musician did, than it’s difficult for me. If I have to sing it, it will be my emotions and my song. At one point they said “Sharon we don’t teach you anymore, go in your room, do your own thing.” I did it and I succeeded. So I didn’t learn so much but my connections developed, meeting all the people was very important. I met my musicians at the school, so that’s probably the most important thing the school gave to me.

I found out that you got in contact with your todays producer Oscar Holleman, how did that happen?
Sharon Kovacs: Well I knew him through a friend of mine. Accidentally we got in contact via facebook as he added me and I said okay, here is my website, here is my music if you want to listen to it. Normally he wouldn’t listen to anything, but that day he did. He called me immediately and asked if this is me singing the songs and next day I was in the studio. Actually one of the first songs he heard was “I’ve Seen That Face Before” which will be on my EP as well. I think what happened that day was kind of magical. In someway I wasn’t lost but I had no goal and the school almost kicked me out – and then Oscar came and he really helped me. Sharon you have to finish school, you have to do this and than we built everything around it. I always call Oscar my Musical-Father.

I realized that there is no Wikipedia-Entry about Kovacs, what would be the first sentence about the artist Kovacs?
Sharon Kovacs: Uff, that’s a tough one, good question! (laughs) I think it should be mentioned that my music is personally – I need to find myself in the music, otherwise I can’t sing it. I don’t know how to put in one catchy sentence, but you can, right? (laughs)

Yeah, I’m going for that!

Sharon Kovacs ist längst nicht so spooky wie sie in ihrem Video wirkt sondern eine sehr charmante junge Frau, wir sind überzeugt von ihr und ihrer Musik. Unterstützt sie auf Facebook und behaltet sie im Auge!


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