Day 3 – Party Chasers European Roadtrip Berlin to Kazantip

Unser Bloggerkollege Marco von befindet sich auf einem ziemlich verrückten Trip von Berlin nach Kazantip. Der erste Schritt war es ein altes Auto mit allen anderen Teilnehmern zu kaufen, es zu schmücken und so gut es ging fahrtauglich zu machen. Der letzte Stop war in Prag, lustige Dinge hat man hier erlebt, weiter ging es nun nach Ungarn:

Der Club der Verrückten, oder auch Reisenden! Marco ist der zweite von rechts.

Die Markthalle in Budapest.

St. Stefans Basilika in Budapest.

Frische Melonen auf dem Weg nach Koratien.

Der erste Blick auf das Adriatische Meer.

Mostar/Bosnien Herzegowina: Stari Most, die berühmte Brücke die im Krieg '93 zerbombt wurde.

Day 3

Waking up early with way too little sleep, I used the spare time to at least explore this weird little city for a bit. Cesky Krumlov looks like a place out of a medieval movie – cobblestone roads, age-old buildings and bridges making for a very beautiful ambience. Our hostel was located in the old city wall and the crew actually got to sleep in the tower of the city gate. In the morning I talked to the English people who run Hostel 99. Marc has been around the world on a motorbike several times, so he had no problem associating with what we do. Brennan on the other hand told me some spooky stories about the building which seems to be haunted by ghosts. This could be due to the fact that it was used as a hospital when the Plague killed thousands of people.

After taking caree of some organisational things we left towards Budapest, all the cars taking off on their own. We were hoping that noone was gonna break down on that day. With our three camera people inside the cast cars, it was only the rest of the crew staying together in the two production vehicles. Now the sky had cleared up, so I was driving with an open roof. We crossed into Austria and cruised through stunning mountain scenery. The farmers were bringing in their hay and the air was heavy with the sweet scent of freshly cut grass. On the way, a female hitchhiker turned down my offer to take her along which I blame on Dora and the music that was blarring out of my rear speakers. My buddies, however, couldn’t stop laughing, eventhough they had almost run into me when I had slammed on the breaks.

The way to Budapest stretched for quite a bit and after the 100 km on the country roads it was down to only highway, so there wasn’t much to see. We only stopped for some Austrian sausage and cheese sandwiches somewhere in a little town. The locals prooved to be very friendly and I have to admit that I always forget how pretty Austria actually is.

Not long after crossing the border to Hungary we passed an old copper town with a giant statue of an eagle on the top of the hill and some really ugly communist concrete buildings. The difference in the look of both countries was quite stark. Also, it seemed like even the light was different in Hungary.

We pulled into Budapest when the sun was about to set which made for a nice arrival. Like several times before, the random on my mp3-CD-player happened to play the best tunes just in the right moment. Coming into the city through the tunnel and entering the chain bridge, the first bridge to ever have been built over the Danube, was just as impressive as the last time I had been to Budapest. The buildings in this city were nothing like the concrete towers along the way. Worn-down and scarred by a century of exhaust smokes, yes, but built in beautiful architecture. The strong and wide Danube winding through the city, the gigantic palace on the hill – it’s hard not to like that place.

We tried to check in to the hostel, but the police had locked down the whole place, letting noone in or out. Apparently there had just been a big robbery. It wasn’t surprising that the 15+ cops were confused when they saw a bunch of very dirty people with walkie-talkies show up.

With the cars getting their at different times and having reserved for 4 people less than we actually were meant quite a bit of organizing for me in order to make sure everybody had a bed. It took me a good hour to figure out where to put everyone, my brain felt like it was fried from 8 hours in the sun. So after a few beers and a shower I lay down to rest for a bit and, unfortunately, passed out straight away.


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