Day 2 – Party Chasers European Roadtrip Berlin to Kazantip

Unser Bloggerkollege Marco von befindet sich auf einem ziemlich verrückten Trip von Berlin nach Kazantip. Der erste Schritt war es ein altes Auto mit allen anderen Teilnehmern zu kaufen, es zu schmücken und so gut es ging fahrtauglich zu machen. Heute war die zweite Etappe, als erstes schlief man in Dresden und düste heute weiter nach Prag:

Day 2

After getting the papers for the new car, a Volvo in pretty good condition, we checked into Kangaroo hostel which had nice roooms, but was a bit too German for my taste. So many rules!
Dresden itself seemed rather East European in many regards already with its abandoned houses, shady car dealers and broken roads.
Franco, our saviour, even took us out after all he had already done for us. So soon we found ourselves in a Rockabilly place, gulping down cold ‘Feldschlösschen’ beers and having a laugh. Franco thought our idea was great and, after a few drinks, declared he was actually gonna join us the next morning in an old Passat. “I am driving around in shit cars all the time anyway”, he explained his decision.

Quite hungover, I had to get up early the next morning in order to get the new vehicle registered. The Turkish guy selling us the insurance chuckled and shook his head when he saw our faces and we told him what we were actually doing. I then used the remaining time to get the exhaust of Dora fixed by Franco’s friends who were going out of their way again and charging me close to nothing for what seemed quite a bit of work. Franco must have changed his mind, as we could never reach him again. It doesn’t take much to like the idea and think you’ll join the trip, many people had reacted the same way in the prep phase. Really going, after all, seems to be another thing.

It was about time we finally left Germany, but we had to deal with an empty tank in between. On the way out of the city, we drove through the old quarter of Dresden which is just stunning. Franco had told us that people had spent years putting the bricks back were they were after WW2′s bombings. Only an hour later, we had already crossed the Czech border, now cruising through lush hills and finally feeling that we were actually covering some ground. We stopped at a stand along the road to chat with the locals and buy very tasty fresh fruit. The further South we got, the more tropical the weather became. Everyone was in a good mood.

We agreed on a stop in Prague because many in our group hadn’t seen it, myself included. Entering the busy city in rush hour, we had hardly any hope of finding somewhere to park. But miraculously, three people left at the same time, opening up lots for our three funny cars just outside of the pedestrian area. Prague prooved to be an incredibly picturesque city with all its squares, tight alleyways, age-old buildings and bridges. The last 24 hours had really brought our little group closer together and we had a great time taking stupid pictures and drinking beer by the river. Of course, we did not really leave after an hour as planned. I really had to fight the tourguide in me, trying to make things more time-efficient. The guys bought absinthe and beer, a bit tipsy and in laugther mode, we watched the famous astrological clock go off. Then we hit the road again.

Czech Republic seems to be one dark country. Not far from the city it was literally pitch black when there were no other cars around. That, combined with roads which go straight forever only to make one sudden turn every now and then, made for quite a challenge. Dora’s windscreen was so scratched that the lights of the oncoming traffic posed another issue. In spite of that I spotted a sign saying ‘restauracje’ and pulled over for a little pitstop. This place in the middle of nowhere really had all one could ask for: Good food, a humorous waiter, kittens and a minigolf court! During dinner we discovered that Bruno, the camera guy, had actually forgotten his bag in Dresden. Bummer. But there was nothing we could do about it at this point.
After everyone else had left the restaurant, the waiter put on some Drum’n’Bass music and started smoking weed. Only minutes later he rolled one for some people in our group which made the whole laughter madness grow even worse.

A stop at a gas station might as well have been the funniest moment in the last months. All eight of us could not stop laughing. Even the staff of the place couldn’t help smiling.

Fighting severe tiredness, we then covered the last 1.5 hours to Cesky Krumlov where we were welcomed by some of the others who displayed various states of fucked-up-ness due to a river booze cruise they had entertained themselves with during the afternoon. We had some beers in a bar called Apoteka (pharmacy) where some Czech people were dancing while others had already passed out on their stools. I then slept like a log in the bridge tower which Hostel 99 had provided us. Busy day, but so much fun!


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